Posición Geográfica Abla, Roman City


Abla, Roman City
Panoramica de Alba

From a distance its views call the attention to its houses cut at the white foot of Sierra Nevada in winter. It is Abla, half way between the valley and the mountain, the meadow or the leafy olive trees against the forest ground of the nearby pine trees.

In this scenery it was installed a millennial village, which lived splendorous moments with the roman town of Abula, materialized in a mausoleum and several tombstones or the Hispano-Moresque culture of which we only have left the old alcazaba in the highest part of the urban land.

The current town council was born in 1834 and has various scattered settlements, such as Los Millares, Las Juntas or Las Adelfas, which still keep the flavor of the architecture and traditional culture.

The mountain range is an opportunity for several marked tracks or the picking of wild mushrooms during the right season of the year.

Here are excellent reasons to know Abla.