Posición Geográfica Alboloduy, Heart of the Nacimiento River


Alboloduy, Heart of the Nacimiento River
Panoramica de Alba

It reflects the diversity in La Alpujarra height, from the sub-desert landscape of ravines and gullies to the lowest areas, until the pines and Oaks forests of the Cerro de Montenegro.

But, closely, the white country houses appears to lay down next to the Nacimiento river, the axis of life, and with the Peñón de la Reina as a connection with the Pre-history and the old world. Most closely the cultural references of the Peñon del Moro, and the Hispano-Moresque world of the old Boloduy, or the Clock Tower, one of its most recent symbol of the village. Both elements are joined by a time line which has been especially rich in this location.

This historical memory is materialized in both differentiated urban areas, the highest area of the Mezquita Neighbourhood or El Barranco, the irregular street and traditional eaves that take us back to the medieval past and the middle and lower boroughs, which link us with the Christian world up to the 19th century, mining and the grapes.

To visit Alboluduy is to reminisce, an especial experience in time.