Posición Geográfica Alcolea, Land of olive oil and wine


Alcolea, Land of olive oil and wine
Panoramica de Alba

Half way up the mountain is not just located the main town area, Alcolea, defined by its white country houses from the Alpujarra, but also the neighbourhood of Darrical and Lucainena, introduced in 1997 with the construction of the Beninar reservoir.

Mountainous and steep territory, repopulation pine trees and some oak trees which dominate the landscape, but if we come close to the meadow, the olive trees is highlighted, large and centenary trees, bound to the agricultural development of the 18th century and which provides nowadays an excellent quality oil.

The origins are from the medieval period as well as and mainly by the Hispano-Moresque world, which will bring care to the water ways, small farming and the small agriculture. After it will come, the high Christian religiousness, reflected in the hermitage and spaces of popular devotion.

We canĀ“t forget to visit Alcolea. The experience we will make us want to come back.

Panoramica de Alba