Posición Geográfica Alicún, Historical Baths


Alicún, Historical Baths
Panoramica de Alba

The water of the Andarax River, fountain of life for the whole valley, which is the protagonist in the pool located in the centre of the village, with the baths from the 18th century.

The agriculture took importance as a local economic base from the Hispano-Moresque world and continued during the Christians times, especially during the 19th century were you could see full landscapes full of green vines, the grapes were specifically called ship grapes; this wealth allowed building bourgeois houses around the county areas.

Nevertheless this is just a memory, since it is the orange trees, water regulated, the ones which dominates the region, with high problems of profitability, while the olive trees and the almond trees were adapted to the dry land.

Alicún is waiting for us to enjoy its unique sights, an oasis of peace and contact with nature.