Posición Geográfica Padules, Inner Soul


Padules, Inner Soul
Panoramica de Alba

As a peculiarity Padules welcomes us from a hill plateau facing towards the Andarax River, which provides water and life to all the villages along it and it gives pleasant surprises such as the gorges of the Canales and the Canjorros.

The Islamic mark reminds us of the Moorish times and the traumatic rebellion of Las Alpujarras which they left as testimony the D. Juan de Austria Cross. But the splendorous moment in Padules history was the 19th century with the mining of lead, transported across the road from the Royal foundry, and especially grapes, have an indelible memory on long Padules life until the end of the last century.

Today the only thing that remains are the many narrow meadow plots which are like silent witnesses of such a glorious period in time, although a few famous wines have recovered part of the lost economic possibilities.

Padules awaits us with open arms to show us its current wonderful reality.